Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nothing... just, nothing...

I was going to try and post every day, but i have no idea what to say.
Because of a research project (and having fun...), I haven't had a chance to read anything!
I had to upload my poster to a website, I bought some university swag, email it compressed, I went out for a coffee that turned out to be a hamburger supper (it was delicious!), writing and handing in a report, we watched movies (silence of the lambs and the lorax) and played sober socialbles. ...
It was a lot of work!
Today, I wish that i could say that i'll be finishing my book that I started in July, but no.
We're gonna have so much fun
Unfortunately, we're going to eat cake and play laser tag to celebrate a fellow researcher's birthday and we're going to have a fancy dinner to celebrate the end of the summer program.
Who am I kidding?  IT IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll read later today... or tomorrow... or next week when the program is done...
One day, I will  One day soon, I will read again.

Just because I feel like it, I'm going to share with you another Jon Cozart song:
Lord of the Rings in 99 Seconds!!!!!

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