Monday, September 17, 2012

No Apparent Subject

I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!

I've been busy with school, senior concert band (playing a Baritone BC), jr concert band (learning the Trombone  : D), jazz band (also playing the Trombone), staying active and playing Skyrim.

See, I've been extremely busy.

I've only managed to finish Between Shades of Gray (I am not satisfied with the ending!), read Eon and half of the Hobbit.
That's just my personal reading.

Within school, in French Language Arts I'm reading À l'est d'Éden (East of Eden) by John Steinbeck.  We just started part II.  This book is very rich in characters.  Just a warning: the first chapter might put you to sleep if you aren't one for details, but continue reading!  It picks up the pace, especially when you meet the Trask family.

Also, I just started a book in English Language Arts.  It's called The Stone Carvers by Jane Urquhart.  I've barely started it...  Seems interesting.  A turn of the century and WW1 novel.  It's about the war memorial at Vimy, France.

I have my hands full...
I doubt that I'll be able to post often...
I'll aim for one post a week, but I really don't know...
Karate hasn't even started up yet (I teach and am taught).

I hope this makes up for a month of no posts!
Just so you all know (for those of you who care), I am turning 17 this Wednesday!
Gee... I'm gonna be at university next year...
Well, I need to go now.
Again, I hope that this sort of made up for my lack of attention to this blog.

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